Eversion in Anthers

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In these two cases, the morphology of the anthers has allowed them to evert completely, following dehiscence.  In C. tomasinianus the anther has rolled up towards the observer, leaving just a little of the original outer surface visible inside (red asterisk).  This anther was dissected from the flower before anthesis and therefore before the pollen had had time to disperse.

In V. speciosa the image shows slightly more than half of the anther, its centre point lying towards the right hand side. Dehiscence is not quite complete: there is a small area of surviving outer surface at the centre point (green asterisk) across which the dehiscence line is visible (arrow).  The anther has rolled up away from the observer in this case; and as the plant has been grown indoors, sheltered from the wind and insects, the pollen has tended to persist.

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