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Anthers of Crocus tomasinianus

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Fig. 1 shows two fully dehisced anthers in a C. tomasinianus flower dissected just as the flower was about to open.  The anthers have everted and the pollen grains are now exposed on the outside of the anther, ready to catch the wind/passing insect; though given the time of year, insects are likely to be few and far between.

Fig. 2 is an extended focus image of part of one of the anthers.  The anther is fully dehisced and everted so that the original outer surface is now inside, though part of it is still visible (label).  Because the flower wasn't fully open there is a large number of pollen grains still attached; many of these will be dispersed soon after the flower opens fully.  The pollen grains are spherical and around 85 ยต diameter. Fig. 2 should be examined fully expanded.

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